Sara Moccand-Sayegh Co-host of SEOnerdSwitzerland

SEOnerdSwitzerland is a Meetup that Isaline Muehlhauser and I began organizing in 2019. We talk about everything SEO.

In 2020, we decided to officialize things between us and SEOnerdSwitzerland became a non-profit organization. 

Over the past few years we have hosted some brilliant speakers who have helped us grow the Meetup and make it a reference in the world of SEO. 


Some of our brilliant speakers include Martin Splitt from Google, Roxana Stingu, Izzi Smith, Kristina Azarenko, Miracle Inameti-Archibong, Ulrika Viberg and many more. 

All SEOnerdSwitzerland events are virtual and recorded so that people from all over the world can have access to the speaker talks. 


There is just one exception to the above rule: the August Meetup will take place in the Google offices in Zurich. This will give participants the opportunity to put questions to the Google relationship team.



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